People boarding a moving train

Watch how they board the train 

 Did you ever board any train while the train was on run ? It seems impossible and risky to board a moving train. But in this video you will watch a couple boarding a moving train in Indonesia. I am not sure whether this video was recorded in Indonesia but it looks like that. Even in India, i have seen many times people boarding moving trains, especially the sales men, selling tea and other fast food items. These people become use to all this, hence, they are not scared at all and are not afraid of putting their lives at risk. Just watch how they board the train.A train is on the run and few people are standing on a railway station to board it. Two of them are actually there to board the train. They say good bye to each other then they wait for the right moment and carriage to board on. The man holds the arm of the lady and looks for someone who can help them to get the lady in. Then he sees a man standing in the window and asks him to stay there and hold the hand of the lady.

When that carriage reaches to them, they start running along that carriage and the person standing in the window gives his hand to the lady to pull her in. After short run the lady successfully gets onto the train. Then that man comes back, picks up the luggage and boards the same moving train but in following carriage.

The video was recorded by a man standing next to them. When they were boarding the train, i was almost at the edge of my chair. You can see there is a gap between the railway platform and the train and these people could have fell in that gap, but fortunately they made it to the train. I remember watching a video in which a boy fells in the gap between the platform and the train, he died on the spot and people could not even collect his complete body from the track.

So please guys never do suck kind of things by putting your life at risk. Because you always have an option to board the next train but there is no second option when it comes to life.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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