Incredible painting by Michael Raivard

One of the most Astounding Speed Painters

To do any kind of work, one should have skills to do that. Without skills nobody can be a master of his work. You might have seen so many people with some amazing and awesome skills but this guy in this video shows some unique skills. Michael Raivard makes a live painting on the show “France has an incredible talent”. He leaves the audience and judges stunned with his painting. This video of him has racked up millions of views and thousands of likes on internet.He is wearing black color. He starts his painting in a style. He is using two brushes at same time with both hands. He does it very fast and no body is able to find out, what he is going to draw. He uses some shiny colors as it reflects in light. All the judges are looking carefully and are confused about the painting. People find it hard to guess even when he finishes his painting. In the end he throws dry colors on his painting with both hands and leaves everybody stunned after his final touch to the painting. Its a portrait of a lady. Which is really beautiful. Everyone present there claps for him and gives him huge round of applause. A lady judge kisses him for his brilliant painting.

He is the first golden glitter speed painter in the world, motivated by the creation of new kinds of painting’s expressions. One thing is really interesting about him that at the heart of all his shows painting one thing is constant: interaction with the audience. The painting made in this video has become his trademark and is based on a spectacular technique using glue and glitter and plays on the audience’s sense of surprise and wonder. He first appeared on TV in 2008 and since then his speed painting technique largely spread itself in the whole world and now can see several speed painters who are inspired by Michael Raivard. More than a painter he knows the art of entertaining his audience. Really hats off to the skills and talent of this man.

Thanks for watching this amazing speed painting video and i hope you guys have enjoyed it.

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