3D apple skull drawing

How to Draw 3D Apple and Skull

3D drawing is something which is really interesting and amazing. It is actually very simple to draw anything in 3D, but not each of us can make it. This video showing 3D apple skull is a presentation of vamosART. This video is racking up millions of YouTube views and in addition, it has received about 7,000 likes as well. Once you watch this video carefully, you will find it easy and interesting to draw something in 3D, but of-course it requires skills and talent.

This is actually an amazing anamorphic illusion. A person draws 3D apple skull. The materials used in this drawing are : light gray pastel paper, watercolor painting and brush, markers, H graph it and charcoal pencils, derwent colored pencils, white gel pen, grey markers, letraset promarker cool grey and soft eraser. First he draws outer lines of this drawing and then starts filling colors into it. He uses light grey and red watercolors. Fills green color in leaf and then puts some white dots into the upper and lower part of the apple. He draws shadow of this apple to make it 3D. After giving it final touch he shows the drawing from different angels. From the front it looks like the apple skull is in the air but actually when we see it from side angle, then we can see the actual thing.

3D drawing is all about illusion. There are few tips for 3D drawing. Always draw the shadow of the object because shadow is the 3D effect of any image. In my opinion, shadow increases the 3D effect 75% and more. Without shadow it is nothing more than a common drawing, as when we look at the drawing form the eye point of view, then just because of shadow effect our brain thinks that there is a 3D object, but of course there isn’t, it’s only an illusion.

The music used in this video is Back and Forth.

Thanks for watching this amazing 3D drawing and i hope you liked it.

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